Blog Tipster

Blog Tipster offers basic tutorials and tips for iMerrill publishing. Click each menu button above to learn the basics.The first four things you should do after creating your first blog or site:

  • Explore your DASHBOARD (that’s what WordPress calls its site administration area) by clicking around the left sidebar of your Dashboard. Open each tab by clicking on the tiny down arrow to the right of its name. Click START HERE on the site menu above for details
  • Edit your SETTINGS by opening that tab on your Dashboard. Start with GENERALĀ settings, then work your way down the list. See the SETTINGS item on the site menu above for more.
  • Customize the look of your site by clicking APPEARANCE on the left side of your Dashboard to open that tab. See APPEARANCE above for details on how to change your site “theme” or design.
  • Post your first item. Click the arrow beside POSTS to open that tab, then click Add New. A box will open for you to enter text and add pictures. See the POSTING page for more details on posting.